New Positioners for Bariatric Patients Now Available from Alimed®

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August 24, 2011, Dedham, MAAliMed® has announced the addition of a line of specially engineered bed positioning devices that can withstand the compressive weights of bariatric patients.

According to Senior Product Manager Alan Bingham, positioners are typically constructed of foam, and are wedge or cylindrically shaped to support upper or lower body and extremities. “Foam is excellent because it adjusts to body shape and tends not to cut off capillary blood flow. This helps reduce the risk of pressure ulcers,” said Bingham. “However, with the bariatric patient, standard positioners compress too much and lose their ability to position.”

AliMed® Senior VP Jon Bretz said, “In many facilities the problem has been solved by simply using rolled-up towels to hold bariatric patients in position. But this is far from satisfactory, and towels lose shape or often need to be hard and coarse to withstand compression. We have engineered a line of positioners made from a special closed-cell foam that resists compression better, maintains shape, and provides needed support.”

These new positioners include triangular body positioning wedges in 14” and 28” lengths, elevating bed wedges for upper body support in gradients of 7½”, 9½”, and 12”; a special Knee Pillow for under-knee support; and an Elevating-leg Bed Wedge for the lower legs and feet. All come with a wipeable soft vinyl cover and are rated to 700 pounds.

Jon Bretz added, “With today’s regulations, facilities must accommodate the needs of all patients, with some 30% of the population being overweight or obese. AliMed is focused on providing a wide range of products to accommodate bariatric healthcare.”

The new line of positioners can be reviewed online at

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