AALTCN Launches Practical Learning Community

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The American Association for Long Term Care Nursing (AALTCN) launched an interactive Learning Community this month. Listed in the "Education" section of the AALTCN website, is a valuable resource on a variety of topics relevant to long-term caregivers.

Learning Community topics include diabetes, safety, culture change, incontinence, infection prevention, safe-patient handling, transitioning home safely, and wounds. Facts, data and statistics from industry professionals are now available in one easy-to-access location along with downloadable quick-fact sheets.

AALTCN’s Learning Community is unique not only in its dynamic, practical nature, but also the fact that the site has several interactive features. “Ask the Diabetes Nurse Specialist,” “Ask the Wound Coach,” the “Coaching Corner,” and “Ask the Incontinence Experts” pages all provide a platform for individuals to submit questions and receive timely responses from industry experts.
“Ask the Incontinence Experts” is a brand-new forum made available to AALTCN members. This interactive feature is a unique way for members to submit any question regarding incontinence. Questions will then be answered in a timely manner by Tranquility incontinence clinicians.

The AALTCN Learning Community is made possible by grants offered by several of the worldwide leaders in long-term care, including the Wound Care Education Institute, Diabetes CareWorks, Tranquility Incontinence Products, Cleanwaste, SafetyNet America, Romedic, Health Education Network, and others.

To visit the AALTCN Learning Community, click here.

About The AALTCN:
The American Association for Long Term Care Nursing unites all levels of long-term care nurses for the purpose of advancing excellence in the specialty of long-term care nursing. Their mission is to:
• Unite various categories of long-term care nursing staff
• Provide relevant educational resources that bridge current best practices with bedside practice
• Bring visibility and respect to long-term care nursing caregivers
• Advocate for long-term care nursing caregivers
• Support and promote excellence in care for consumers of long-term care

To learn more about the AALTCN, visit

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